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Why it is happening to ME?

"Look at my friend. She is enjoying her life. She has no problem. She does not even follow the ways of the Lord! Look at me, I read the Bible, I pray, I am God-fearing, but why I go through these difficulties, why not others?"

You must have had these concerns in your mind many times.

Friend, remember one thing, God's love for you is never changed or got cold while you go through that difficult time. Rather, He takes care of you with more care and attention during the times of your trouble. It is during the times of those trials that you experience the intimate love of Jesus in your life. Take this opportunity to go deeper into the loving care of Jesus. Instead of comparing you with others, compare you with the love of Jesus. Look at that cross one more time. Can't you see him alone and rejected? He was rejected by God during His pain so that you will have a close communion with Him in the time of your trouble.

This is not the right time to compare you with your friends. Compare you with Jesus. He wants to show how loving He is. He picked you right now to show His deeper things.

Thank you Jesus for choosing me!

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