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Did God hear my prayer?

How do I know God heard my prayer?

Dear, God is attentive to your prayer. Even at the very moment you started facing that special need, He has given His full attention towards it. Even before you decided to pray, He knows about your need. Even while you faced that need, He knows that you are going to face such and such things. In his fore knowledge and omniscience He knows all your need. This means, your prayer is heard even before you say it. You might be thinking that it takes forever for God to answer. You might be thinking that it takes a lot of continuous prayer to get the attention of God. Good news! You have won the attention of God. He is listening to you. You feel that God is not hearing you, because you are not receiving what you are asking. Remember, just because you don’t receive what you are asking, it does not mean that God is not attentive to your prayers. He is preparing you to receive your blessing at the right time. Yes he is preparing you for a greater blessing!

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