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I can't read the Bible

Devil does not want you to read the Bible. He knows that the moment you start living by the Word of God, your life will be changed. He will make all efforts to keep you away from the Word. He will make you even forget the fact that there is something called the Bible. He will make your life so busy and occupied so that you will forget the Book. As a result, you will remember about the Bible only on Sundays or during prayer meetings. Bible is the energy book that your soul needs. Once you start living by the fresh words of the Bible, your life will be changed. There is no Christian walk without hearing from God through His eternal book, the Bible. While devil tries to pull the Bible away from your life, you must strengthen your feet and pull the Book back to your life.

It is the Holy Spirit who wrote the Bible. It is the Holy Spirit who interprets the Bible. It is the Holy Spirit who will give you a desire to read the Bible. Yea, this means you need to depend upon the Holy Spirit to be attracted towards the Bible. Why don't you pray: "Dear Holy Spirit, remind me each moment about your Word. Draw me nearer to the Bible. Let me be addicted to your Eternal Words."

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