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Why I am not able to pray?

This is a very common problem. But it is not a good problem to have. Prayer is "talk with God". Imagine you are sitting with your best friend next to you for 4 hours and you do not talk a word to him. Wouldn’t he feel bad? If you respect that person, then you will open your mouth and talk. Though you are so tired, you would still make a conscious effort to talk to that person. In the same way, we must engage in a conversation with God. No matter how tired we are, how late we are, how hungry we are, we need to pray in order to keep the connection with God. As a matter of fact God will work for you though you forget to pray one day. But, prayer gives you wisdom to connect with the answers of God. You don’t want to miss on the blessings of God. Prayer gives you the wisdom to receive the blessings of God in the right time. If you do not pray, friend, you are missing out many treasures. Prayer channels things for you. God give me strength to pray!!

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