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I don't feel like going to church

Is church a burden for you? Do you feel obligated? Are you dragging yourself every week to church services?

Don’t you know that Church is the plan of God and not plan of men? It is God's wish that you must be involved in a local body of believers. Yes, there are times when we all don’t feel like going to church. But remember, church is God's idea. Jesus left heaven to reach to you. He came down to this earth to die for you. He could have stayed at heaven and enjoyed the heavenly goodness. He chose to come to you. If Jesus can leave all the privileges of heaven, dear brother, sister, you may please get up and get ready and go to church.

So next time while I don’t feel like going to church, do I still need to go? Yes, of course. You must go to church especially while you don't feel like going. Because many a times your own feelings proved that you are false.

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